Are you having problems with your pool’s service? There’s no need to be the only one. I would rather not receive all the calls we receive from customers who were cheated by their pool company. I get calls from people asking me to give them the possibility of a bid on new equipment for their pool since their former swimming pool man has stolen their pool. I’ve changed heating units for swimming pools and filters since their pool manufacturer did not have the proper chemical levels in their pool. For fiberglass pools, customers need their light niches in their swimming pools changed because of the wrong PH level in their swimming pool caused the pool and created a hole. There are a lot of horror stories but there are a few excellent ones. I find this very frustrating! The pool is fun, but cleaning them isn’t. It is good to know that there are companies that specialize in this. The hiring of a pool service firm offers many advantages in that we do not have to take care of it by ourselves, they free us from doing tasks we don’t like. They also have the expertise necessary to care for your pool. They will check the filter and are experts in the chemical components involved.