Most of us will be accustomed with the wired headphones. These devices are supplied with every portable mp3 players, in order to listen to the audio output generated by the device. The niche can be seen as a rat race, with manufacturers churning out newer, innovative and revolutionary products with the passage of each month. The consumer will be left to derive his conclusions for the products. Unless you have authorized and expert knowledge regarding the technical specifications, you will be either choosing the most expensive one in the lot or the one that is filled with more features (read the first point, again)!

A recent innovation in this paradigm is the presence of wireless headphones. A wireless headphone does not include any form of cables; the audio will be transmitted to a receiver. The receiver will be decoding the input and rendering the output. This output will be the effective audio. The world is shifting to a wireless paradigm, slowly. We now have wireless internet, wireless telephones, wireless “everything”. Studies are even being conducted to transit electric power (to replace the existing power lines). Manufacturers saw this opportunity to cash-in and started developing wireless headphones.

Is there any significance by opting for wireless headphones?
No. You get to enjoy the same audio quality. The quality of the audio is a subjective concept and will primarily depend upon numerous factors like the technology incorporated (for reproducing the audio signals, not for transmitting them)!

How does wireless transmission occur?
Firstly, there is no voodoo magic happening. It is pure science in action. The audio signals are transmitted in the form of radio frequencies. This transmission part is conducted by the base station. The receiver is included with the headphone.