A massage is a manual therapy defined as “Procedures by which the hands directly contact the body to treat the articulations and/or Sports Massage Brighton soft tissues” according to Wikipedia. Sports massage is a kind of specific application of massage techniques, hydrotherapy protocols and strength-training principles used when treating an athlete. Injuries are so common in sports. The dynamic nature of these sports also accounts for more injuries to the sports personalities. When these injuries are not treated properly, their impact may be huge leaving the player numb to the sports activities again. So whether the injury is acute or chronic, it has to be treated immediately to avoid further damage being done.

Massage is an excellent way to cure or sports therapy Brighton heal. The massages should be done only by professionals. It is one way of treatment. This is not only done as a post-injury treatment method but an effective prevention of injury measure. One should undergo Massage treatment often to avoid serious injuries. Massage helps persons to be relaxed and gives confidence and a better concentration. The body muscles are given proper care by a human touch. Massage has a number of benefits such as maintaining the body in a better condition, preventing injuries, restoring mobility and flexibility to muscles. It helps us to increase the performance and speedy recovery from the injuries.

It also has a great impact both physically and physiologically. Both the factors are based on 3 key factors. They are “When, What and Why -> Timing, Technique, Intent” So a specialist must have the knowledge on which technique to apply and at what stage understanding the seriousness in athletes. Timing is important as it depends whether the massage is given pre-event, post-event. Consider a case of example where an athlete has to be massaged. If assumed it is pre-event, then timing is noted here. Now the intent should be decided. The aim is to increase the blood flow by giving a warm up session. So the proper technique must be followed.

Some of the benefits of sports massage are:

o Some of the physical effects in massage is to increase the pressure in front of the stroke which is important in tight or damaged muscle tissues.
o A deep massage causes the pores in tissue to open up thus enabling fluids and nutrients to get a passage for an easy flow. This also removes waste products and offers more oxygen and nutrients which aids speedy recovery.
o Massage helps in getting tissue elasticity. Hard practice sessions will leave tissues hard and rigid. This will not give any results.
o It helps in improved blood flow and nutrients passage.
o It helps in reducing the anxiety thus making athletes cool and comfort.