Lets see, where do you start. WHERE do you start? (That question alone would stress me out as a bride or groom). Which is why there is a venue for a wedding near me simple, logical, and morally genius response to that question. Two words: Wedding Planner (or Wedding Coordinator/Wedding Consultant – whatever floats your boat).

You know what they say: The average couple could spend up to 250 hours planning their special day without the assistance of a Wedding Planner. Do you know how much that is? 250 hours is equal to 15,000 minutes. And if you want to get REALLY specific, 250 hours is equal to (WARNING: THIS NUMBER YOU ARE ABOUT TO READ MAY CONTAIN WAY TOO MANY ZERO’S FOR ONES LIKING. VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED) 90,000 wedding checklist list seconds!!

Here is another example; let’s say you made an average of $30 per hour at work, multiply that by 250 hours. That would equate to approximately $7,500. The average cost of hiring a Toronto Wedding Planner is approximately $1500 – $4000 – you can see the benefit of hiring a Wedding Planner immediately. Your time is money!

Hiring a Wedding Planner is probably the best thing a couple can do. A lot of people might think that it is just another added expense to the already possibly traumatizing wedding budget. Fear not, my love birds! That is only but a myth.

Its quite the opposite actually. See, a Wedding Planner usually has “connections”, if you will, in the industry, and could, a lot of the times, negotiate a better deal for you and your honey – deals and discounts that are usually not available to the public.

A Wedding Planner isn’t here to make decisions for you, but rather to help you make informed decisions. Not only that, we’re pretty “super-human”, if you will. Not ONLY will we be your Wedding Planner, but we can also be a family counselor (for those of you who know you are bound to have family feuds regarding wedding details), or we can even become as close as your best friends during the Wedding Planning period!

*Reasons to hire a Wedding Planner:

1) Time – As I mentioned previously, it takes about 250 hours for the average couple to plan their wedding without a Wedding Planner.

2) More value – Hiring a Wedding Planner can help you get more value out of your vendors. We’ll make sure to get you the most value for your hard earned money!

3) Stress Reliever – Wedding Planners can take a lot of stress off of your shoulders. We handle all the pressure of planning your big day to make sure everything runs smoothly and perfectly.

4) Dreams Turned Into Reality – Most brides (and many grooms) have been dreaming about their wedding day since they could remember. A Wedding Planner will work for you to ensure that all your dreams are met, and often surpassed!

5) Advice Gurus – Wedding Planners have worked on countless weddings, so we know what works and what doesn’t. We are able to recommend appropriate vendors, according to our clients wants and needs.