Anyone that’s ever visited a construction site knows that they are very busy places. At any one time, you will have different trades and site workers, visitors, and inspectors. With an abundance of people comes an abundance of needs so it is important that you have the right facilities. This is where choosing the right welfare unit becomes important as you want everyone to feel comfortable and safe. It is also important to choose a site welfare unit that meets all the legal requirements with health and safety. Having separate toilet cubicles and additional handwashing facilities help optimise onsite hygiene and HSE compliance with larger and more diverse workforces.



Hygiene facilities for construction sites


Toilet and washing facilities are essential and it is illegal for a place of work to not have them. The amount you need is dependent on the number of employees or staff on-site but legally you are required to ensure there is enough water, soap, and drying materials available, especially important in the light of covid-19 hygiene and handwashing measures. No matter which unit you choose it must be kept clean to stop the spread of germs and be well lit.



Welfare space for site workers


Break room provisions should always be accounted for when choosing a welfare unit as employees need a suitable space to eat their meals take breaks. These areas should be hygienic and clean and should include seating areas, tables, and a kitchen space where site workers can wash dishes and eat their food. The unique smart design of our Eco mobile welfare site units create up to an additional 20% extra internal space, the largest and most comfortable welfare units in the market. Again, this is even more important during covid times when employers need to allow for social distancing measures.



Construction Site Welfare Units


Creating a work environment that is comfortable and safe helps site staff to work more productively. Therefore, when choosing a unit you may want to consider a facility with an office, this can help project managers and teams to work efficiently as they have a comfortable space. A sit office is also important for storing documents and information as you don’t want them getting lost on site. 


If you need a facility where staff can get changed for their shift, and where their gear and personal belongings can be stored safely, you may want to consider a changing facility. It has to be easily accessible for staff but also private and secure and our mobile welfare units meet this need.


It is vital that you provide the correct facilities for your workers as construction sites that don’t are leaving themselves vulnerable to legal action and fines. So always make sure you know exactly what your staff requires so you can hire the right welfare unit for your site. 



The flexibility of a site welfare unit

Our mobile welfare units can be hired for any length of time, allowing flexibility when things change. Likewise, they are easy to transport, so if you need to change the location of the welfare unit on site, this is easy to do.

You can compare our mobile welfare units, including welfare vans on our products page on our website to find which is out suitable for your needs. Or, speak to one of our friendly team who will be happy to assist you with your mobile welfare unit enquiry.