With the Australian baby boomers enter retirement, the need for skilled aged care professionals is increasing. For those who have empathy for seniors or the desire to assist those who are in the final stages in their life, the amount of positions in this field will increase since the need for qualified caregivers is more urgent. If you are interested in to work with the elderly, an training course is a great way to start the path to a career within this area.

Aged Care Services Perth

After obtaining the Certificate III in the field of Aged Care There are plenty of career possibilities and career paths that you can follow. The trained workers offer physical, social and emotional care to seniors as well as people with disabilities whether in communities or private homes. The workers in this field are able to choose from a variety of career paths and work opportunities open to them.

Here’s a comprehensive overview of what kinds of jobs are available.

Assistant in Nursing (AIN). If you are looking for employment in a nursing facility or an aged care center assistants in nursing work as part of the nursing team helping nurses and assisting elderly patients in their daily activities that they perform in their daily lives.
Personal Care Assistant (PCA). Personal Care Assistant jobs are ideal for those who have an interest in making people who are elderly or infirm feel at ease as well as being taken care of in a caring and caring manner. PCA’s are responsible for the cleanliness, exercise medications, and communication among other things – for their patients and play a vital part in their overall health and well-being.
Social support workers. Community support workers interact directly with disabled people and caregivers and families, and give individuals the opportunity to discover their interests, develop personal as well as social skills, and to build networks and connections in the community. Support workers from the community play a crucial role in helping to make those who are elderly or sick active and engaged members of the community.

In-home Aged Care
The Home Care Assistant. Home care assistants are essential for patients who are old or sick who require assistance or help but don’t want to go to a nursing home. Home care assistants help patients to maintain their daily routines and function. Their services can extend past the provision of medications or other medical care and may include help with chores at home, routines and social interactions. Home care assistants are able to and live full or part time.

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