There are two equipment which used to recover Toluene. One is Toluene recovery equipment, and another is Toluene recovery tower. However, both of them apply heating distillation method to recover Toluene. The Toluene will be transformed to gas from liquid by heating to its boiling point. Then, Toluene gas gets into condenser and converted into liquid again. After this process, pure Toluene is ready for reuse.

Toulene Recovery helps them to retrieve their Machine
Toluene recovery machine is designed to recycle liquid Toluene and other organic solvents. Such as Ethyl acetate, Acetone, Methanol, Ethanol, Xylene, Trimethylbenzene, MEK, IPA etc.-
Pros of Toluene recovery machine

  1. No need to declare your application to any government for using Toluene recovery equipment. No any procedure needed, any factory can use this equipment.
  2. Widely application
  3. Require small space for installation
  4. Less investment
  5. High recovery rate which is around 95% or even higher
  6. Safe, reliable and simple operation
  7. Any place with electricity is good enough to run Toluene recovery equipment
    Cons of Toluene recovery machine
  8. Toluene recovery machine is not suitable for massive daily capacity which exceeds 8 tons.
  9. Pre-heating and recover time is longer. It depends on solvent`s boiling point.

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Characteristics of explosion-proof solvent recovery machine
1, the two stage heating setting: according to the composition of the mixed solvent to recycling, the heater temperature for two set, so that different boiling point solvents in accordance with the order from low temperature and high temperature distillation in batches, the start time to avoid too high temperature, resulting in low boiling boiling over solid component and pipeline obstruction by;
2, fan running time setting: after the machine is shut down, the fan can continue to operate for a period of time, in order to improve the safety of operation;
3, the operation is simple: do not need someone to operate, staff only need to feed, turn on the power, clean up the residue can be, the whole process of automatic recycling automatic shutdown; save human resources
4, after the recovery of solvent quality as new: because the device uses the distillation separation principle, do not add any chemical composition
5, model a variety of: your company can choose according to the actual amount of waste of different models of models
6, the cooling way: the use of air-cooled cooling principle to improve the cooling effect, shorten the recovery time, more energy saving and environmental protection,