Though there are many types of flooring that you could use,using carpets is a very popular flooring option. Though many people opt for marble tiles rolled carpeting, installing and cleaning large rolled carpets can be somewhat difficult. This has led to the popularity of carpet tiles. These are small square sections of carpets that can be easily installed. If you don’t want this home decorating project to burn a hole in your pocket, all you need to do, is look for cheap carpet tiles. Let’s find out more about cheap carpet tiles. Why Use Carpet Tiles Wondering where to get cheap carpet floor tiles? Well, you can either buy cheap carpet tiles online or go to your local home store wherein you will find carpet squares in an array of styles, designs and textures. Not marble effect tiles only are these great money savers, their hassle-free installation and removal renders the job of carpet cleaning much easier. Carpet tile installation is one of the easiest DIY home improvement projects. Another added advantage of using these carpet tiles is that you end up saving a lot of money. If some of the tiles have become stained and the chances of effective carpet stain removal seem to be bleak, then unlike the regular carpets which might have to be disposed off, you can just remove the stained section and replace it with new tiles. These uniformly constructed square sections come in a wide range of styles and designs. Besides using them for covering floors, you can even use carpet tiles for stairs. You can also use cheap carpet tiles in your basement or use outdoor carpet tiles for refurbishing your patio. Buying Cheap Carpet Tiles When it comes to buying carpet tiles, make sure that you find out more about aspects such as carpet density, weave or the texture. You can check out the wide variety of textures such as flat weave, corrugated, multi-level, level loop, cut and loop, frieze, Saxony, textured Saxony, plush, tufted, knotted pile and woven. The materials used for making these carpet tiles also vary. For instance, berber carpet tiles are made from materials such as nylon, wool or olefin. So, make sure that you are sure of the material you want. Though these different types of tiles vary when it comes to the level of loops or twists in the fibers, you will have no problem finding desirable patterns and colors. Whether you want cheap black carpet tiles or colored ones, you will easily get what you want. Placing them in high traffic areas and in the kids’ room is surely a great idea. Even if your children spill anything on the carpet tile that gave it a tough stain, all you have to do is replace the stained tiles. So, this way you can save a lot of money. The thinner the carpet tile is or the lesser the carpet density, the cheaper would be the carpet tile. Wondering how to install carpet tiles? These tiles come with non-adhesive as well as adhesive backing. These cheap self-adhesive carpet tiles will have a sheet at the back. This has to be peeled off and then the tile would be positioned on the floor. You can also check out the interlocking carpet tiles. The interlocking feature allows one to install them easily. In case you buy the non adhesive tiles, make sure that you buy a double-sided carpet tape for the purpose of carpet tile installation.