How do you define lipodissolve? It’s also known as mesotherapy, injection lipolysis the lipostabil or lipozap. In simple terms it’s an alternative to liposuction. A mix of vitamins and chemicals is placed in the fat areas to dissolve the celluloid. Lipodissolve isn’t a surgical procedure which is the main difference between liposuction and lipodissolve. Apart from losing excess fat, some physicians claim that the use of lipodissolve could help remove scars and increase the quality of skin.alpha lipid

What are the components? In most cases, the mixture consists of soybean extract (phosphatidylcholine), plant extracts, enzymes, alpha lipid acid and multivitamins. According to the doctors, certain might prescribe a different mix that includes additional ingredients like antibiotics and hormones.alpha lipid lifeline

What is the difference between it and liposuction? Since it’s an non-surgical procedure, it’s simpler and more efficient. There is no requirement to get anesthetized since the procedure is generally painful. There isn’t any downtime and patients can resume their normal activities. It takes however more time to notice the results about three weeks. Multiple treatments are typically required to achieve the desired results; each treatment takes between four and six weeks separated. Lipodissolve requires more time and is not recommended for those who dislikes needles, as there are times when up to 40 doses will be administered.


Is Lipodissolve safe? It is one reason, but it’s not yet recognized from the FDA. While phosphatidylcholine is an FDA-approved ingredient, the FDA hasn’t yet approved the use of it for injection purposes. There aren’t enough studies that have been conducted to provide any solid proof that suggests the use of lipodissolve is safe, or not. There are a variety of opinions on where the fat that melts goes and there is no consensus about the long-term effects of lipodissolve.

According to FDA FDA was informed of numerous side effects of lipodissolve. Some of them include!degpermanent skin as well as skin deformation and deep , painful knots beneath the skin. .!+- The month of April of this year. FDA issued warning letters to six medical spas located in the U.S. and a Brazilian firm for degmisbranding the lipodissolve product .!+-