The Metro Tile has become a popular way to decorate and protect bathroom and kitchen walls. It is a wall tile in the shape of a brick with a bevelled edge that looks classic in terms of design but is also very functional.

Also sometimes known as Brick Tiles, the modern Metro Tile is versatile and contemporary, yet has a retro feel. The unique dimensions combine elegant simplicity with a touch of classic style.

These tiles were most commonly first seen in the underground train system in Paris, hence the name ‘Metro’, and have since become a design classic. They were first used in the stylish Art Nouveau period, around the beginning of the 20th century, when the Paris underground system was built. So they are very simple and iconic in terms of design.

This tiling was originally used for function in the Metro stations because of the poor underground lighting system. The shiny white finish would help to reflect light and keep the stations as bright as possible. Some coloured versions were also interspersed with the white to add decorative elements.

Metro tiling was also used in some London Underground stations for similar purposes and a modern collection of these tiles have even been named after some of the Tube stops. For example there is a ‘Waterloo’ colour (a citrus orange), Knightsbridge (a royal blue) and Covent Garden (a powder pink).

In their modern reinvention, the stylish shape combined with eye-catching colours and polished finishes have made these wall tiles a much sought after interior decoration choice for the home in recent years.

As well as looking good, they are also very practical as they are easy to wipe clean and maintain. The bevelled edge gives a feeling of depth and solidity, making the surface look high-quality.

Also because of their rectangular shape, less tiling is needed for a particular area so they can also be an economical choice. They come in different dimensions, from long and narrow to large brick shape.

The Metro Tiles is also available in a number of finishes and materials, from porcelain effect to shiny metallic to matte finish. Different materials can also be used such as glass. Smooth brick shaped tiles are also available for those who do not want a bevelled edge.

So, since its early days as a functional solution for covering large public walled areas, the Metro Tile has become a design classic. It’s clean and simple, modern-retro look make it ideal for today’s stylish home owner.