It’s not surprising the moment a female decides to dump one of her partners or becomes dumpee, she typically is straight to the hairdresser. A fresh appearance is required. Your self-esteem is at risk as is confidence, which can be the main ingredient to recovering. However, there are moments in our lives when confidence deteriorates even a little but you don’t realize it. In time, the problem becomes worse, but gradually and slowly, until the issue is finally apparent and obvious, there’s no trace of the incident that triggered the whole thing. The problem is felt by a large number of women after they have one of their children. Things change and, even though you don’t suffer from anything that can be described as post-partum depression, you can tell that you’re distinct, maybe softer and it’s not something you are at ease with. I’m aware in my instance that when my son was born , I cry more often than I did before and it’s something that hasn’t changed in the least.


Regaining lost confidence can be a challenging one for anyone of any age. The most effective advice is to build it frequently and make sure that it does not disappear completely. The days following childbirth are crucial because of the many changes that occur that you experience, being at risk and having a newborn baby to take care of, is easy to overlook the fact that men are also affected by changes, and some start to feel excluded and others, while enthralled by the baby, feel little sad, knowing that the fundamental relationship has changed and sometimes cracks show up where there’s no need for cracks. This is not something that is trivial in any way, and it’s in my goal to not minimize it in this article, but I have heard of instances in which the issue was resolved through drugs or divorce or counselling and a night gown.

I first heard about Julia when she purchased my nightgown as a gift to her child. It was a beautiful long nightgown made of lace and satin that came with a gorgeous match robe in a stunning color of blue. The nightgown was requested by Julia for her daughter so she could feed her baby and we were delighted to oblige. I received an email containing Marie Julia’s daughter wearing the nightgown, with her newborn and I didn’t think much about it, until the next month, I met Julia at a women’s business gathering at Orlando and she explained to me the background to the gift she gave.

As Marie’s anticipated and awaited pregnancy ended, Julia was certain she could see certain signs of strain. Marie’s baby was her world, and when Julia took her shopping she was just interested in baby clothes. Julia suggested that she buy a nightgown however Marie was unable to see any reason and therefore Julia took the initiative and order the nightgown Marie’s favourite color. Naturally, it was perfect and when Marie saw herself in the mirror there was no sagging T shirt with a stomach that was bloated. Her self-confidence increased. With her satin dress and with lace outlined on her body, Marie felt great and the confidence began to display. In just a few seconds the nature’s plan took over, Marie and her husband found themselves again, and Julia was relieved that a potential catastrophe was avoided.

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