A gathering of 20 transient Mexicans streamed into the homeroom for “Novice’s English” at the “Shakespeare English School” in a town in Texas. As the understudies settled down in their seats spread around the room, a tall man wearing a suit strolled in. He advanced toward the instructor’s work area front and center holding a pile of papers. He gazed toward the understudies, and said, “Hi!” The understudies rehashed, “Hi” with their best American intonations. “Generally excellent!” the educator said. “My name is ‘Peter Dough puncher’.” The class said, “My..name..is… ” He aulas de inglês particulares unexpectedly stops and focuses to himself, “Peter Cook”. He then called every understudy in the class to say, “My name is..” and every one said his name.

Peter approached one understudy wearing a fine modern suit. “Alright… Sir..My name is… ” Before the educator completed the sentence, the man strongly said with an English inflection, “What junk! I am Juan Carlos II from Mexico, territory of Hidalgo. I communicate in English quite well.”

Peter gazed at him with his mouth open in dismay. “You communicate in English??”
“Is it true that you are foolish, man? Obviously, I communicate in English!”
“Then, at that point, for what reason would you say you are doing in this class for fledglings and how would you talk so well?”

“My great man, when I began learning English a long while back, I knew similarly minimal English as everybody here. I moved from Mexico to London, Britain on a grant to the “Lord’s School”. At the point when I went to my first ‘amateur’s class’, I committed the deplorable error of sitting in a middle of the road class about William Shakespeare’s works. I scarcely saw any English yet immediately acknowledged I was a wonder. I proceeded to take more English Writing classes and moved on from Oxford College.”