The opening of the Top Ten Award Presentation Ceremony, HC automotive electronics had an interview with award-winning enterprises and individuals, as well as evaluation experts. The following is the LED Light Bars interview:

HC Auto Electronics: dear friends, good afternoon, here is the scene of the Presentation Ceremony of 2011 China’s auto electronics industry Ten selection interview the Huizhou race Electronics Co., Ltd. Yu Shiwen, general manager, Yu total hello. And netizens say hello.

Race Electronics: Good afternoon, everyone. Race Day is an R & D, manufacturing, production, sales integration of a private enterprise.

HC Automotive Electronics Network: Game as selected top ten brands, do you think what kind of advantage from the strength of the company’s background, as well as the channel in terms of our brand

Japanese electronic game: in fact, in the local environment of China to do business, from R & D, manufacturing to sales and service end customers to go inside, the products manufactured to meet our domestic consumption of cultural ideas and some of the habits of consumers. We are talking about is a cheap, more ordinary people like it this way our entire manufactured product. Product brand in terms of a corporate brand is the life, the concept of brand, should be more users, including the same industry in the supervision of our work, regardless of service, technical, or a product of the process. manufacturing design, branding the concept is a kind of supervision, and asked us to do all these things.

HC Auto Electronics: Main products: car DVD player and car dvd , are with good quality. Yu Zonggang mentioned product operation taking into account China’s domestic consumer spending habits, consumption concept. And talked about the understanding and awareness of your brand, then race in a specific operation of the brand and how to do it