In this article, we share insights on the top 10 tips for great UI/UX in modern web applications. Learn more on how to improve design in 2022. Your web application or a website is the salesperson you have at your disposal 24/7. It creates the first impression on your company and product, transmits values, and answers questions. Studies prove that a well-designed UI is able to raise your conversion rate by up to 200%. An improved UX design can boost conversion rates up to 400%. That’s why it’s essential to make your web app not just attractive, but also convenient and user-friendly. A common aspect of UX is one-time design ― created once and never improved. It doesn’t meet new trends and market requirements and remains outdated. As a result, you have an old-fashioned application that is neither informative nor attractive, not convenient for users, and can’t stand the competition. Then again, a complete redesign is money- and time-consuming. Therefore, in this article, we focus on ways to improve UI/UX design that already exists without radical changes. It’s a list of ten universal methods of improving the UI/UX design of the web app to make it more user-oriented, and both you […] read more