What is the Housekeeping services? Here are some points that are different from deep cleaning services which will easy to get information about both services. 1.      On the other hands housekeeping would be full-time or regular work. Some housekeepers also live in their customers’ houses. The number of times depends on the size of the house and how many persons live there. But housekeepers’ work would be enough to fill a whole time with this position. But very huge property you may need to hire more than one housekeeper. Just like housekeeping services in Pune provide housekeeping services that stay available for 24 hours. 2.      Even they are staying there the whole time you should provide all necessary material and cleaning products and cleaning products must be in-home while the housekeeper will need to clean. Most importantly you can choose your own favorite product for cleaning just like if you want to have an eco-friendly product. 3.      What are their duties – laundry and ironing, tidy up clothes and beds, shopping and running errands, cooking and preparing meals, picking up clutter, taking care of children, day to day cleaning of the house, cleaning kitchen appliances, mopping, vacuuming floor, deep cleaning […] read more