What work is done by an Electrical maintenance? Electrical maintenance covers every aspect of monitoring, testing, fixing, and replacing parts of an electrical system run for more years without any problems. Well designed and maintained electrical system can make building owners or factory owners into a wrong sense of security until the moment the system falls. Electrical maintenances usually performed by a licensed professional with whole knowledge of the national electric code and local regulations, electrical maintenances covers areas such as generators, lighting systems, digital communication, electrical machines, pneumatics, transformers, hydraulics, surge protection. Electrical maintenance company in Mumbai provide the best electrical services. What are the duties of electrical maintenance? Examine electrical systems such as wiring, fixtures, and appliances with time to time schedule. Spotting faults, danger, or hazardous. Troubleshooting system failures. Examine blueprints to understand wiring positions. Writing reports on electrical maintenance. Checking of an electrical system with an ohmmeter, voltmeters, and oscilloscopes. Giving advice for equipment replacement. Installing new electrical equipment or appliances in the building or house. Conducting electrical maintenance repairs on faulty or damaged fixtures. Attach to safety and performance standards. read more