Fancy a little digression into the smokers’ paradise? At the request of a friend, I took care of the web development of a new cannabis store. I also cherish and care for it, including advertising and small reports on the topic of CBD and what can be done with cannabis. The online shop for smokers’ products with all sorts of additional portraits, such as   Cosmetics such as hand creams and perfumes The classic tiger balm as the flagship for health products Scented candles based on hemp Original hiding places for valuables Iced green tea with hemp Cannabis energy drinks CBD and accessories like cones, blunts and lighters Oils for smoking or smoking Smokers’ articles such as tubes for stuffing cigarettes Even unusual things like a drug test are also offered So it’s worth taking a look at the development of the shop. If you are fascinated by the topic of CBD or hemp anyway, you will get additional inspiration. And if you are still missing a gift idea, you will find one or the other suggestion under the gifts section.   Good luck with growing and first of all thank you very much for any kind of support – […] read more