In the face of the ongoing climate changes caused by human activity and because of energy crisis, more and more peoples decide to change their systems of heating at home to be ecological and cheap systems. The general tendency to abandon fossil fuels as an energy source, make people to looking for effective for their house sources of renewable green energy and energy obtained from ecological sources. One of such popular sources of obtaining or producing ecological energy is solar panel and biomass boiler. Most of us know solar panels and know how they are working, and we see more and more of them around us on the roofs, but not everyone knows how a biomass boiler works and where to install them to get high profit for household. Everyone should know that biomass boiler can be installed and used almost anywhere, it is especially popular in rural areas. A biomass boiler is an ecological device for heating water that this water can be used for direct needs of family and as water supplying a home central heating system. The biomass boiler is recommended for installation in a family house. The use of biomass is in present time a good […] read more