Sitaram Beach Retreat All-inclusive healing journey based on the science of Ayurveda, with first-class service and quality. Uniquely designed for each person based on daily consultations with highly-qualified Ayurvedic doctors. “Panchakarma” is an ayurvedic treatment methodology which specialises in inten-sive waste elimination from our body at a cellular level. The stages in panchakarma are similar to a vessel cleaning process. For the clean-ing to be effective so that most of the sticky waste is removed from the body, the toxins have to be dissolved. As a detergent helps in removing grease from a plate, ghee (melted, clarified butter) which acts as a harmless detergent, is used in panchakarma for dissolving the glue in the body. To draw a parallel to the cleaning process: Remove the “dust” or “remove the stickiness” Apply the detergent or “Ghee” (butter without lactose) Wash or “purge the toxins out of the body” depending on the condition Make it shine or “Rejuvenate” BENEFITS OF PANCHAKARMA Panchakarma, a transformative experience, is an ancient solution for modern diseases. Its benefits include: ACTIVATE YOUR INNER HEALING POWERS Detoxify your body, purify yourself at cellular level and enhance your body’s self-healing capacity. Eliminate pain due tinflammation (joint pain, arthritis, gout, […] read more