The internet is a wonderful instrument that can be played anywhere you are, as long as you have a good WiFi or Ethernet size chart connection. How amazing it is to realize that the world is a mere click away and that a seemingly infinite selection of clothing is available for men and women to choose from. You are no longer limited to the price of gasoline and the limits of your patience as you struggle for parking spaces, stand in long checkout lines, or are stuck in traffic as you attempt to shop in a retail store some distance down the highway. Then there is the price! Wow, what a beautiful thing it is to almost instantly shop dozens of stores and get a price that you have wanted but could never find at a local store.

The euphoria that such an effort and discovery has given you sizing can be trashed in a nanosecond if that awesome polo shirt or jacket arrives and it does not fit. A great way to avoid becoming a candidate for anger management is to shop online clothing stores that have size charts and color charts for each style you are viewing.

Size charts for gender neutral garments such as tee shirts or sweatshirts may have different chest and sleeve measurement results than size-color charts that are gender specific. A men’s polo shirt or a woman’s blouse may have different measurements for a specific size such as a size small or large. The sizing chart is helpful to a point, as the charts indicate a measurement range, such as bust size for XS on the Port Authority L308 ladies jacket is 32-34 inches. A men’s K500 polo shirt’s size chart includes a neck measurement of 14.5 – 15 inches, indicating that the shirt collar measurement is somewhere between 14.5 and 15 inches. It is quite possible that that measurement may be less precise and the garment you receive could be anywhere from 14.25 inches to 15.25 inches.

Chest and waist measurements may provide a number of inches that makes no sense whatsoever to the buyer. If you see a size medium and the measurement is 16 inches for the chest, then the manufacturer is telling you how wide the garment is in that part of the clothing style when the item is laying flat. In such instances, just multiply that number times two to get the complete measurement.

It is unfortunate to note that most shoppers gamble with the expense and effort to return a shirt of jacket that does not fit, as they do not utilize the clothing size charts while shopping online when one is provided.