There are many ways to exercise. You can use weights, your own bodyweight, or kettlebells. But a great way to build muscle and lose fat is to blast-resistant building do some resistance band exercises. Resistance training is a great alternative for any individuals that might not be able to use weights.

The 6 following resistance band exercises are a great full body workout. Do this workout a couple times a week along with some cardio to turn your Blast-Resistant Building Rentals body into a fat burning machine.

1) Curls – Stand on resistance band with feet about shoulder width apart. Do a traditional curl just like you were using dumbbells or a barbell. These of course will work the glamour muscles your biceps. Welcome to the gun show.

2) Standing Tricep Extensions – Step on band with one foot or both feet for more resistance. Bring arm behind your head with elbow facing out. Bring arm straight up and flex triceps at the top and come back down. Do reps with one arm then do the exact same amount of reps with the other arm.

If you want to do both arms at the same time that is possible as well. This is a great option if you are pressed for time.

3) Lateral Raises – Stand on band with feet touching each other. Raise your arms out to the side. Raise arms until they are up to your shoulders. These will attack your deltoids and shoulder muscles.

4) Rows – Sit down feet stretched out, bands should be wrapped around your feet. Tension should start with your arms raised in front of you. Pull back as you would with a cable row. This one will help sculpt a nice looking back.

5) Squats – Stand on bands about shoulder width apart. Bring handles up to about your chin. Perform a squat like you would normally without the bands. Of course this one works your legs, you should especially feel the burn in your quads.

6) Long Leg Lifts – Lie on your back with legs facing the ceiling. Wrap the resistance band handles around both feet. One at a time bring your legs down parallel to the floor. This will blast your abdominals.

There is an easy to do full body exercise that anyone can do no matter what your fitness level is.

The great thing about using resistance bands is you don’t need a bunch of room to get in a great workout. They are a portable gym where ever you go. Incorporate these resistance band exercises and easily build muscle and lose fat.