Most residential electricians offer services that cover any type of wiring and installation a home might need. Many of these companies even offer low voltage wiring as well as high voltage. What low voltage refers to are internet and phone lines exclusively, or for many modern homes, alarm systems, PA systems, and speaker systems. The more custom the home is, the more wiring and installation that is needed. Theater rooms, hot tubs, pa systems, and other types of systems need to be well planned out before the actual wiring begins.

The main service provided is your everyday electrical wiring. This includes outlets, lighting, switches, and your breaker box. The breaker box is very important because it essentially runs your entire house. The breakers are all connected to your main line that your power company runs in for you from their meter. After this basics are installed is when the more complicated and specific the services become.

Your electrician provides all of your houses appliances power. Different types of appliances will also require a different amount of amps to run off of. An example of this is that a refrigerator will have a different amp amount and dedicated line then your dish washer. Each appliance almost always carries its own dedicated breaker for safety purposes.

The most custom of electrical services revolve around alarm and speaker systems. These systems are typically very intricate and require very specific wiring, and type of wiring being used. This is especially true with speaker wiring. It is best to have your electrician to install this for you because they can do this even after your home is walled in. The same is true with an alarm system. You always have the option of using a special company to run the wiring for your alarm system, but your electrician will be a much cheaper option.

If your home needs any type of repair work or maintenance work, the best thing to do is call an electrical company to handle this service. Electrical repair can be dangerous, and complicated. This is a prime reason as to why you should leave it to the professionals. If you do not know exactly what you’re doing, there is no need to mess with your wiring and electrical system of your home. Having an ongoing relationship with your electrical company with maintenance will result in cheaper repairs down the road and will give you a quick option when emergency repairs are required.
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