The Dubai Properties and Real Estate Blog is a resource center for international property investors. Being the commercial hub of the Arab world, Dubai saw Real Estate Agents in Dubai property boom since 2002 when the government had permitted foreigners to invest in Dubai properties in order to boost Dubai and as well as the whole UAE real estate market.. For a few years now, some have been saying that the Dubai property bubble was about to burst and that a property crash was just around the corner. Yet, prices kept increasing and such doom mongering proved unfounded. The Dubai property market is unique in many ways, and as such doesn’t follow the general rules of other property markets around the globe and other Middle East property markets. The current rate of return on UAE property investments is in the region of 10 – 15 percent per annum, with this rate expected to continue for the foreseeable future, and rental yields in excess of 10% are further evidence of strength in the property market. The growth in the tourism industry of Dubai has been phenomenal with the 3.4 million visitors in 2001 expected to rise to over 6 million in 2010 – from a standing start Real Estate Brokers in Dubai the area is becoming a magnet for overseas visitors. Many of Dubai’s property developments set out to emulate the most prestigious residential addresses in the world. However, the less glamorous middle-income gulf or Middle East real estate market is increasingly drawing the attention of savvy investors. Dubai Properties is one of the biggest and has said it will deliver 5,000 units to the freehold market in 2008 which is not nearly enough to meet surging demand. Abu Dhabi property market will not deliver a single new real estate unit this year, and deliveries will only start late in 2009, and that creates additional demand in Dubai.

The Mediterranean island of Malta has recorded the strongest growth in property prices from countries in the European Union, and recent news could help see property inflation in double figures for the next few years. Malta is not only a tax efficient location with beautiful costal properties for sale or rental, but its warm climate, beautiful sea and days full of sun will help you relax and retire in a friendly and safe environment for Mediterranean property investment. Sustained property inflation at levels seen in Malta are rarely seen in other countries, but new economic activity on the island could see property demand at good levels for some years to come. The introduction of low cost flights to Malta from the UK will open up the possibility of more international real estate investors looking at the island for holiday homes that could be used for long weekends, and the Malta hotels industry could reap the benefits of the 3 and 4-day tourist seeing the island as a viable place to visit. After some years of wondering how Malta property market would fit into the modern world, property agents, hotel owners and the Malta holidays industry are beginning to see the future with some optimism.

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