There are many subscribers to mobile phone contracts who are not pleased with their mobile phone services and even though they are paying heavy phone bills mobile phone repair shop monthly. Now, no need to bear unsatisfactory service providers, as a highly beneficial alternative of contract phones is available in the market. It is Pay As You Go mobile phones which are also known as prepaid phones they do not have any contract with the networks.

Handset delivery is also available in many mobile phone deals provided by many service providers. You must be wondering if these phones are preloaded by service providers, then what is the difference between the two. We will make you understand these Pay As You Go mobile phones with simple words. These phones are contract phones, but there’s no contract is signed between chosen service provider and the buyer. Moreover, the billing system is also contrary to the contract phones. Here, phone credits are paid in advance and once the credits are consumed, the user needs to recharge the phone again to get the services without problems.

Unlike contract phones, a phone pay as you go phone user is free to change to another network at any time. You can find a wide range of cheap pay as you go phones manufactured by Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, HTC, Blackberry, etc. These phones can be used in various mobile phone deals that are provided by Orange, O2, three, T-Mobile, Vodafone, etc. At present, Blackberry Curve 9300, Nokia C3, forest fires HTC, Samsung Tocco Lite phones are sold for distribution. Similarly, there are various cheap O2 PAYG mobile phones in the market preloaded with O2 network.