When you are planning to decorate or improve a space, especially if it is your personal use, there is always excitement. Before you place any furniture or appliances in a room, consider its background. If the room isn’t brand new, the wall may need to be repainted or the wallpaper needs to be replaced. You’ve now inspected the entire wall. It turns out that the wallpaper is old-fashioned and difficult to remove. You can try to remove the wallpaper, but the thought of the paintbrush or roller touching the rough wall is enough to make you think that it’s impossible to get a better result. Before you go to the paint store, here are some tips for painting over wallpaper. Maler in Stuttgart

Ensure that the whole room is clean. You may be interested in how to stain wallpaper.

Proper ventilation is essential for any painting job. You can find a guide to how to paint wallpaper over or how to mix paints to get the desired color. Make sure you have adequate ventilation to ensure fast drying of paint and oxygen to your lungs.

o Repair loose wallpaper. If the wallpaper is not completely removed, you can leave it in place and work on the areas that need repair. You can remove loose papers but not the sticky ones. You can check the edges of the paper and apply wallpaper glue to fix them. Use sandpaper to sand down any rough spots. Use a damp cloth or sponge to clean all surfaces.

Apply an oil-based primer. This is the first step in how to paint wallpaper over wallpaper. The primer prepares the wall to allow paints to adhere to it by making the surface smoother. Water-based primers are not recommended as they can cause wall paper to become loosen. Water-based primer is not recommended for removing old wallpaper. It will damage the walls and cause more damage than just the wallpaper. Nothing is more disconcerting than a wall that has been freshly painted.

o Pay attention to the wall and look for holes. Apply drywall mud to make even the smallest holes disappear. Remember that the goal is to make the wall level again.

You must go back to Level 1 – you need to make sure there is no dried mud. Sand the affected areas, then coat with an oil-based primer. Before painting, let the wall dry completely after you have applied primer.

Oil-based paints can be used. Apply a few coats to achieve a great result.

Don’t expect flawless results if the wallpaper is covered in textural patterns. Another tip for how to paint wallpaper over is to put sand on the wall. This will make your eyes forget about the wallpaper look.

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