Think about the App Store as the circulation channel, and center your promoting where you can really have some effect, your own site.

Not at all like your application store posting, you have enormous control of your own site to advances your iPhone game application. Anyway having a site with a Webshop laten maken depiction of the application and a hyperlink to the App Store just wont cut it.

Your own site can improve work than your App store page in making your application sound more appealing. You have extreme command over the substance, alter the look and believe and explore. Market your own site, Not the App store page

Direct your diligent effort in making content, catchphrases, SEO, back joins, page rank, advance structure up your area and not Apple’s (You truly do have you own space right?, if not feel free to make one, they are just about as modest as chips. Ensuring you do your watchword research ahead of time)

Focus on adding exceptional substance, and update it as every now and again as possible. I normally work on fostering my present game undertaking during the week, and ponder refreshing the site, and adding content at the end of the week when I as a rule have a couple to drink. (I sure the hellfire as can’t code later a couple of pints, that is without a doubt)

Consider it like this, each page resembles another entryway to your site, the more pages the more entryways, the more catchphrases, and at last more traffic through normal back-connections and Google look

Make a Facebook fan page and set up a Twitter account, then, at that point, add these social connects to your site. Outfit online media to drive much more traffic to your site.

Use administrations like Google Analytics to follow online visits, segment and different measurements.

Add experience demo’s of your game activities so guests can really play them. This will keep them longer and decrease your skip rate on the off chance that they can play your game while perusing your site. Think HTML5 or modules like Unity3D
The two greatest variables to getting more traffic to your iPhone game site is content, and back joins. The issue is that these both require some investment that might actually eat into the time you have for fostering your game to begin with.

When you get into upgrading your site for the web search tools, watchword exploration and tracking down great locales for setting your back joins, it tends to be extremely habit-forming. That is without chipping away at the substance.