It will not be wrong to say that laser hair removal is one of the remarkable advancements in the laser and cosmetic industry. It has relieved humans from the daily struggle of removing unwanted body hair by using trivial methods like shaving, waxing and laser scoring for easy open pouches threading. After all, who has got time for all this in this busy world? People are looking for options that take less time and provide long-lasting results. In that scenario, laser hair removal becomes the best option available.

You can say that laser hair removal is a semi-permanent solution with effects lasting longer than months. It can keep you hair-free for years if you keep on getting the required number of laser sessions. People who seem interested in the laser hair removal procedure want to know how fast they can see the results. We will try to answer this question in this article with all the necessary information that you must know.

So, let’s begin!

Results of Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal in Dubai removes the unwanted body hair and reduces hair growth with every session. In this way, when the hair regrow, they are very fine, light and less in number. The hair growth is reduced to such an extent that your body hair might stop growing. But for that, you need to undergo laser treatment as per your therapist advice. Laser hair removal also helps you get rid of razor burns, in-grown hairs and irritated follicles. The results of laser hair removal are long-lasting than any other hair removal method.

How Fast You See the Initial Results?

In a few days after the treatment, your visible hair will fall out and you will enjoy smooth skin. But after 4-6 weeks, you will have to get the laser session again. After several sessions, you will get near-to permanent results. Once the initial phase is completed, you will only require to get a laser hair removal touch-up once in a year.

How Fast You See the Final Results?

The final results appear when the required number of sessions have been done. The sessions are scheduled according to the growth cycle of the hair. To determine the number of required sessions, you must have an idea about how your hairs grow. The hairs normally grow in 4 phases which include;

The laser treatment targets the hair that are in anagen or active phase. During the anagen phase, hair are visible above the surface of the skin and the laser can easily target them. However, not all the hair are in anagen phase during the procedure. If you see hair appearing after the treatment, it is because they were in some other phase when you got the laser session.

Therefore, multiple laser sessions are required to remove the hair completely. Usually, 5-10 sessions are enough to get the final results. However, it may vary depending on the body part chosen for the treatment.