When the ownership of a property is transferred from one person to another, whether freehold or leasehold, it involves certain Rank conveyancer finder legal procedures. These legal procedures are known as conveyancing. This ensures that the buyer gets the full property rights and the seller transfers all the property rights to the new owner. The buyer as well as the seller appoints their own conveyancing solicitors. There are various firms in London, which provide cheap conveyancing options. This procedure will take at least a month, which would be very fast service or even two or two and a half months to complete. If several properties and more than two parties are involved, then obviously the process can take longer than two and a half months.

Conveyancer and Conveyance -A conveyancer is a person, who acts on the conveyancing process. He can be a professional practicing property solicitor or a certified conveyancer, who has the license to work as a conveyance. A certified conveyancer may not be a qualified lawyer but he is legally authorized to solve legal matters of conveyancing. Most of the firms in London have qualified conveyancing solicitors UK, who are appointed to supervise your conveyancing problems. The term conveyance is used as an abbreviated form for conveyancing.

Conveyancing costs- There are many conveyancing firms, which will try to lure you with their cheap conveyancing services but it would be wise to go for firms, which provide good service, even if they charge you a little more. There are some firms which promise cheap services, but later on as they proceed with your case, you will realize that there are too many hidden costs. It is better that you understand what are the costs involved in conveyancing, so that you are not over charged.

Part 1 – The basic fee charged by the solicitor. It is charged in any of the three ways discussed below.
Fixed fee – This is very rare. According to the price of the property that is bought or sold.
The higher your property cost, the higher will be the rate charged by the conveyancing solicitors.
Some charge on an hourly basis.The last option must always be avoided.

Part 2 – Disbursement
These are those costs that the conveyancer will pay on your behalf to other people. All these charges are fixed, so these must not vary from solicitor to solicitor. It would be better if you could do a market survey of the rates being charged by different firms before appointing a firm to do your conveyancing.