Online casinos have indeed made a lot of difference to the lovers of gambling. Thanks to these casinos, the patrons now don’t need to travel to a casino city and engage in their favourite Online Casinos games. However, when it comes to online casinos, most people are used to Windows PCs. Indeed, most of the casinos run on Windows PCs and people gambling online on their Mac and Linux computers is relatively less common. However, there are Mac casinos and Linux casinos through which you can access online Best Online Casinos gambling.

Let us consider the Mac casinos first. Online casinos are not designed for Mac computers largely because of the security issues. Mac thrives a lot on security and as a result, casinos cannot be downloaded when someone wants to. Some people have still gone ahead and downloaded entire casinos in their Mac computers, but they have complained that the quality of the games leaves much to desire.

One of the ways you can play Mac casinos is play online or as we know it, engage in instant play. This way, there is no need to download anything and you can play securely. The only issues is that you don’t get the same number of features and functionalities that you get when you download casinos on your computer. But still, there are some interesting casino games that you can still go ahead and enjoy.

As far as Linux casinos are concerned, you have lesser issues than Mac casinos. There are essentially three ways you can play in online casinos in your Linux system.

1. The first way is called dual booting where you split your computer hard drive into two parts – one part for Windows and the other part for Linux. Now you need to dual boot your computer so that both Windows and Linux run at the same time and you can play in online casinos.

2. The second and more popular way is called WINE, where a Windows emulator runs on your Linux system. This emulator simulates Windows so that you can run all Windows programs on Linux. Once you install WINE, all the Windows casinos can be downloaded into your system and you can play Linux casinos.

3. The third way is instant play where you play in online Linux casinos in real-time without downloading anything. This is a good option, but you don’t get all the features and functionalities of downloaded online casinos.