The more foreign languages a person speaks, the more interesting and varied his life is. Quite a large number of people decide to start by learning exactly English – it is not for nothing that this foreign language is considered the language of international communication. In order for the training to be as effective as possible, it is necessary to take into account that there are different levels of English proficiency. Experienced teachers believe that English language levels play a decisive role in choosing the optimal learning format and study program for each student individually.

Correctly defined English levels are the basis for choosing a suitable study program and teaching strategy. The fact is that it is the levels of knowledge of the English language that make it possible to objectively determine the current knowledge of the future student, which makes it possible to find the optimal format of classes. There are different levels of knowledge of the language, knowing yours – you can objectively decide in which format you should continue your studies:

• on your own;

• on language courses according to a program that suits your level of language proficiency;

• with a professional tutor who will help you to master English well – the initial level of English does not matter.

 How are the levels in English determined?

Today everyone has the opportunity to learn the level of English for free – by objectively determining your own training, you can effectively continue your studies.Many people take the English level test online – without leaving home, via the Internet, you can answer a certain number of questions. After a short time, the English proficiency test will show your current preparation.

The ability to determine the level of English online is the most convenient, it requires a minimum of time and effort. However, experts from one of the leading schools in Kharkov for the study of English, “My English World” advise you to check the level of English directly at the school office, and not via the Internet. Of course, off-line English proficiency test requires a lot of effort, but this approach has a number of undeniable advantages. A face-to-face English proficiency test guarantees:

1. Maximum concentration, minimum of distractions.

2. An objective assessment. According to statistics, the online estimation error is about 60%, which is very significant.

3. To correctly determine the level of knowledge of English, you need to answer 25 questions – this is easier to do in person.

Knowing your level of language proficiency, you can further plan the best option for learning. At the same time, it is recommended to pay special attention to irregular verbs of the English language. What are irregular verbs in English and why are they so important?

Irregular verbs of English: how to deal with them

It is very important to learn and memorize irregular verbs, English is distinguished by the presence of verbs which form the Past Simple and Past Participle forms.English irregular verbs are not pronounced according to standard grammar rules. Therefore, students, while studying English, are advised to write out and memorize all irregular verbs of the English language. Thanks to this meticulous approach, you will be able to master the grammar of the language well. Of course, you shouldn’t stop there – keep developing and improving your English proficiency. The results will not be long in coming!