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Starting up.

Once you are determined to learn how to make extra cash with the use of online paid surveys, you can now start your search of the paid survey sites that you prefer. Choosing one or several sites will not be a problem as there are many reputable paid survey sites that are within reach.

Signing up.

Once you have chosen at least one of these paid survey websites, you can now sign up. Signing up as a member of a particular site is usually free. However, there are some sites which require you to pay a reasonable membership fee.

Taking surveys.

Once you are a member, you can now start taking surveys and answering them. For each survey completed, you get an amount of money in your online account. The more surveys you answer, the more money you will be making.

Cashing out your earnings.

Since the number of surveys you answer all correspond to money, you get accumulate your earnings over the days. There are some sites which have monthly payouts while other sites leave you the option to cash out your earnings anytime. Some of these survey service sites pay you through direct bank deposits, through online accounts such as PayPal or through mailed checks.