Once you have decided what type of property you wish to invest in, the next step on how to invest 100k in real estate is finding the right property for you. Many investors think that buying rental property is a great way to invest because it’s relatively cheap and you can lease it out to recoup your investment quickly. Purchasing rental property requires much more research because there is a lot to consider like financing, tenant demand, tenant turnover, etc. Once you’ve decided how to invest 100k in real estate investing with a rental property you need to make sure you are buying the perfect rental property for your investment.

Another popular way on how to invest 100k in real estate is with the use of mutual funds. Mutual funds are investments that follow a particular trend and are diversified across many different assets. These assets include stocks, bonds, and money market accounts. By diversifying across asset classes you’ll be able to target investments that have a lower risk and will maximize your returns.

Investors also take advantage of multiple rental and money market accounts. Multiple rental properties result in higher cash flow returns as well as a multiple income stream. Money market accounts pay interest as well as dividends. However, these investments are not widely available. You can find many multiple income stream types of investments including money markets, bond, and stock funds.


Investing in real estate investing using rental property is an attractive investment option because the property usually appreciates in value. The amount of appreciation depends on the location of the property and the quality of the tenants. For this reason, many real estate investors target properties within areas with a high concentration of high quality tenants. For example, properties in areas with a large population of college students will appreciate more than a similar property located in rural areas.

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