It can be difficult to find the perfect beer for you. It took me several years to find my favorites beers. It’s easy to see that you need to be open to trying all kinds of beer. There are many styles of beer, and many beers that fall within each category. To get an idea of the styles you enjoy, I recommend that you try them all. Beeradvocate gives you detailed information about the beer, including some examples. Craft beer also has a description and some sample beers. Beeradvocate provides a huge list of examples and reviews of beer that fits each category. To get familiar with the most common styles, I recommend that you start with a wheat or pale ale. I like to take a 6-pack that you can build yourself, so I get six different types of beer. Don’t let one bad beer ruin your view of a style. I’ve had many IPAs that I disliked, but I also enjoyed some. You can also try other styles. Find a recipe that uses this style of beer, and then make sure you enjoy it. Certain foods can be paired with some of the complex flavors.

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You can try many beers of the same style once you have found the one you like. For example, I’ve tried fifteen pumpkin beers (Southern Tier Pugg is my favorite). Another reason to use the make-yourself 6-pack option is for this purpose. I enjoy purchasing certain variety packs from breweries like the Blue Moon Brewmaster’s Sampler. Find recipes you like to try different beers in. I love to make beer brats in the summer, and I like to use different types of beer. allows you to search for beer pairings, recipes and other information. It’s also a good idea to ask for beer pairings at restaurants. This can make a beer great or make a bad beer enjoyable. is another great site that offers delicious recipes, both with beer and without.

Here’s how I got started in the amazing world of beer. I had my first taste of beer in high school, right before graduating. My friends and I were having a bonfire and wanted to be cool so someone bought us a Busch Light (30 packs). It was really good stuff. I drank it all night. I don’t regret it, but it was horrible to me at the time. It was an awful experience with beer.

Two years later, I was at a party and saw people drinking Blue Moon. The bottle was cool looking and I could see the children talking about how much they enjoyed it. Blue Moon was the beer I chose to drink the next time I went out for beer. It was simple and easy, and it was incredible. Blue Moons are my favorite.

After Blue Moon, I started to try new beers every day. Similar beers such as Shock Top Belgian White or Lost Coast Tangerine Wheat were my first. These beers are all great. From there, I moved on to porters, pale ales, and stouts. My love for beer grew and grew.

It seems that I buy a 6-pack of beer every time I go to the supermarket. Or, I make my own. I’m always on the lookout for new beers that I haven’t tried. This week, I bought a 4-pack Founders Brewing Company Breakfast Stout. It’s a wonderful stout. It has a strong coffee and chocolate flavor and is a true leader in its category.

Moral of the story: If you want to find a beer that you love, then you need to be open to trying new styles. Try different types of beer to get started. IPA’s and porters, cream ales, cream ales, porters, cream beers, kolsh and doppelbocks are just a few of the many styles available. You won’t know until you try. Don’t give up on a beer if you don’t like it. There are many brands of beer available in every style. You can also try other ways to enjoy your beer, such as cooking with it. You should try as many styles as possible once you have found the one you like. You will eventually fall in love with one or two beers. Have fun beer hunting!