Ants can be one of the most obnoxious pests to have to deal with in, or even around your home. They tend to swarm and they manage to invade all sorts of small nooks and crannies around your home’s exterior. By taking the right precautions when it comes to maintaining your garden, your roof, your walls and other parts of your property you’ll be able to deter the ants from entering, and keeping your home sanitary will go a long way toward keeping them out, no matter what time roofing contractors portland Oregon of year.

The first thing to start with is the wood around your property. You’ll want to move firewood away from your home (don’t stack it against your roofing in Portland Oregon home), you’ll want to clean up whatever brush might be around on the ground near your home. You’ll also want to keep the buildup of brush out of your gutters and away from your shingles. In addition, get rid of dead trees, stumps and other pieces of dead wood lying about the yard. Cutting and removing the overgrowth of trees and shrubbery is also a good idea.

With it comes to the property’s exterior, you’ll want to keep your home as sanitary as possible. The first step is to manage your pet’s food if you have any and make sure to keep their eating area relatively clean. You’ll want to clean up after yourself as well, eliminating crumbs for the countertops and floors, and keep the oven and other cooking appliances clean; and don’t forget the outdoor BBQ.

Checking and filling any holes in your walls or along frames or doorways is also important. Securing the entrances that the ants will take advantage of will allow you to block them physically from entering your home and keep them outside where they belong.

If you continue to see the number of ants near your home rise then you can check for dead fruit and irrigation issues. This can lead to a larger number of ants in your yard and increase the chances of them getting into your home. By fixing the irrigation and getting rid of fallen, rotted fruit in your yard you’ll diminish the amount of ants and the irritation they bring.

If all else fails you and you need something to act as a barrier against the ants then you should consider using chemical treatments and there are plenty of them available over the counter at garden supply and some hardware stores. Just spray it along the property’s perimeter and you should be able to stop the ants from invading your property. If all else fails, hire a reputable pest control company; they’ll have professional grade pest control deterrents that will get your pest control issues under control fast