There are many ideas in magazines as well as on the internet to decorate your home. I am always awed when I look at these products and ideas for decorating and am constantly thinking of the perfect layout for a room or space within my house.

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Sometimes, the price of these styles or projects could deter us from getting the style or decor we desire. If that’s what’s hindering you from updating your living space Here are some suggestions for decorating with a tight budget.

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Second hand furniture stores and used furniture This is among my favourite methods to cut costs while I am decorating. You can find items like lamps, picture frames mirrors, furniture pieces. It is possible to perform some work to improve these items but the money it can help you save in the end is well worth the effort.

If you come across furniture pieces that are solid and durable however, it has surface damage or features that are outdated, think about staining or painting the piece and putting in new hardware. The furniture they offer is in good condition but could be items which the owner became bored of, or was in stock at a different retailer. I was extremely lucky to find the entertainment center in the furniture shop we frequent locally and it was in good condition even a bit! The unit was purchased at $85.00 and retails at a well-known departmental store at $300.00!

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If you come across an old lamp base or mirror with an attractive design, however, you don’t like the colour it is possible to paint them with paints designed specifically for metals. You can also buy an entirely new shade for your lamp or redecorate the one you already have by with shade wraps or slipcovers.

Clearance items- This is another fantastic option to reduce costs, it just requires a little patience. I’ve perused catalogs and came across items I simply loved but could not pay for. I was certain that eventually, the item would eventually be available for sale if I patiently waited. I particularly love the bargains that you can find at stores that offer high-end items when they go for sale. They will typically put some of their items on
sales when they receive new stock, and believe me when I say it’s worth the long wait! Make sure you look through the return/exchange policies prior to purchasing the item on clearance in the event that you have the item to be returned.

Closeout storesare an excellent option to decorate with a tight budget, as the prices of these stores have been drastically discounted from retail prices! I like going to these stores for things like tables, wall decor or textiles, as well as smaller furniture. I particularly like buying decorative items that give my room a pop of color like the vases, napkins, and coordinating mats, rugs frames.

Pre-mixed paint- A lot of paint retailers stock a shelves filled with pre-mixed colors with a price that is significantly lower. Sometime, colors may not be exactly as you would like or the paint mixes more than the amount that was requested. The store will then place it on shelves with a price reduction. It’s definitely worth checking out for, you might just find a color you love!

Slipcovers- Are you bored with the color of your furniture or does it appear old? Instead of purchasing a new piece of furniture, think about purchasing slipcovers. They are available in various designs and shades. Some are custom-made, while others are loose-fit it all depends on what you’d like. By adding a slipcover, some new pillows or afghans to add more color and cohesion and your furniture will get new look!

Scratch and DentThere are some excellent items and appliances within scratch and dent area of the store. Even if the scratch or dent is minor, the item will go to scratch and dent and is sold at a significantly reduced cost. I came across the nightstand that was part of the bedroom set damaged and scratched.

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