We’ll all be familiar with that moment before an important meeting; you’re at the printer to collect a print job but instead find yourself sifting through piles of paper trying to locate your document in amongst those of your colleagues and goodness knows what else.a1 printen Or you’re in a different part of the office and you realise you’ve printed those papers you needed to the wrong device… It may be surprising to hear that both of the scenarios outlined here are entirely avoidable and with a simple follow-me printing solution, could quickly become a thing of the past. Follow-me, centralised printing or ‘secure print’ as the technology is also referred to, ensures that documents are only ever printed when they are ‘requested’ or ‘pulled’ from a given device by an authorized user, so they are never left piling up unclaimed and can be collected from wherever is most convenient or quickest for that particular user. Besides those individual user benefits, for any organisation, follow-me printing is a straightforward way to cut paper waste, spread printing burdens and improve document security. Here, we provide an introduction to the technology and an outline of some of follow-me printing’s main advantages…


In most typical printing environments without follow-me printing capabilities, users themselves decide exactly where they want to print a document while still at their workstation. Most will tend to select the closest operational printer and/or the one that prints in the colour they require. But in offices where there are multiple devices in use, it’s very easy to make mistakes when it comes to choosing where to send documents. A digit or a letter wrong on a drop-down printer menu and a document is at the wrong printer on the other side of the building. Or maybe a user chooses the closest device which also happens to be the most popular; and so valuable time is spent at the printer while other users’ jobs are being executed. The conventional system is pretty haphazard at the best of times but in the worst light, it’s frequently slow, fairly inefficient and not always the most cost-effective. Follow-me printing can address each of these issues.

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