Workers remain to be the most important commodity in any type of business. Protecting them should be the utmost priority of employers. People are inherently Ultimate Mats irreplaceable. There is a reason why most successful businesses invest in their employees. Employers include a health and dental plan in their benefits aside from salaries because they know that the happiness and well-being of their people are important. Employees who are treated well represent the company with dignity, pride, and integrity, sealing the company’s reputation with visitors and potential clients. A company that fail to value their manpower, will ultimately fail. Avoid this outcome by caring for the people who work for you!

The daily activities at any workplace causes worker fatigue. From the operators in the announcement room, the people behind the front desk, the folks in the loading and unloading areas, the maintenance people who keep the facilities in tip-top shape, to the people in the assembly lines manufacturing products all day, everyone gets tired after prolonged standing or extended periods of repetitive movement. When people are fatigued, they are more likely to be in an accident than when they have plenty of energy.

Fatigue happens when the blood does not properly circulate throughout the body. Most of the time, fatigue in the workplace occurs in the lower extremities. Prolonged standing, especially in uncomfortable shoes can lead to fatigue. Excessive tiredness due to overwork, poor sleep, or anxiety can lead to fatigue. Fatigue itself is not a disease but a symptom of something more, perhaps lack of motion or circulation.

Commercial anti-fatigue mats promote blood circulation limiting the effects of fatigue. They decrease joint pain in the knees, hips, and backs of workers. It beneficial for workers so that they can continue doing their job at the best of their ability. Select a floor mat that is both anti-slip, to prevent slip and fall accidents, and ergonomic to alleviate the effects of prolonged standing.

Ares That May Need Ergonomic Matting Solutions

1. Behind the front desks or lobbies. Most hotels and larger commercial facilities need people standing behind the front desk to entertain and direct clients and visitors where they need to be. These employees often wear uncomfortable shoes on the account that they represent the company’s image.

Sometimes, female employees wear high heels because it is expected of them to send a positive image to clients and visitors. Anyone who has worn high heels know that these shoes present a very professional image, but they are also painful during prolonged periods. Install an ergonomic mat where they stand and they will appreciate it, and continue presenting the positive image of the company.

2. Behind assembly lines in manufacturing. These employees are the heart of any manufacturing company. Without them, products will not be made and sent out. Provide them with anti-fatigue mats and advise them about suitable work shoes to maintain their efficiency. Manufacturing areas need to have these specialized mats to maintain worker efficiency the entire day. In addition to anti-fatigue mats, it is important to educate employees on wearing safety footwear to complement the area mats.