The billionaire Roman Abramovich is the proud owner of the largest and most expensive yacht of the world. The yacht was finished days ago and carry the name yacht brokers Eclipse. The yacht has length of 155.20 meters and beam of 21.50 meters. The beauty of the Russian billionaire is really amazing and the price for building is about yacht brokerage. This left behind all other vessels built from this class – Dubai and Pelorus. The yacht Eclipse has draft of 5.00 meters and has all innovations, which can be installed on board. The yacht has own submarine for 12 passengers, which allows for the owner and all guests to visit the yacht invisible from everyone.The submarine is boarding from the keel, which is only the first from all security innovations made in this yacht. Eclipse is the symbol of security and that was the main idea of all designers and builders. The yacht is bullet-proof and on board there are special places for the body-guards. Also against attacks, the yacht is equipped with anti-missle system and there are at least 5 possible escapes in every moment. Even the middle size Cruise Ships there are not so much space for public rooms and other entertainments. The yacht Eclipse is some pearl in yacht building. There are 2 pools, large jacuzzi and the owner’s cabin is 5,000 square feet large. Own gardens, motor boats, jets and whatever you want can be found on board of this yacht.We are happy to see even one from all Yachts from King Size Class. And Roman Abramovich is proud owner of 3 yachts from this class.In december 2008 the yacht was finished and was laid down for the first trial voyage. Eclipse showed very good results and the speed, which the yacht reached was about 26.2 kn, suppoerted by the strong main engine. The ship-yard, which built this beauty is Blohm & Voss, which actually is not specified in building yachts, but mostly cruise ships.