Finding a great on-line ghostwriter is crucial to getting the content you need for six-figure success in your online ghostwriters business.

There are a lot of people out there claiming to be ghostwriters and desperate for work. Unfortunately, too many are simply article “spinners” providing you with web content that barely passes Copyscape.

Here’s an essential guide to help you find the right ghostwriter for ghostwriting services your job.

Where to Start Your Search In Finding a Great Ghostwriter

Searching for “ghostwriter” on Google, Yahoo!, or Bing will bring results in off-line (print) ghostwriters, on-line ghostwriters, and ghostwriting software.

Print ghostwriters write content for printed publications. There is a huge difference in print content and web content. Print content will not bring the results you are looking for.

Ghostwriting software provides nothing in original content. Instead you will end up with plagiarized, re-ordered content that will certainly turn off your visitors who will then click off your site.

For custom-created, unique content that will put your website on the front page of Google, search for a ghostwriter who specializes in writing on-line content.

When using a search engine, refine your search terms. Include phrases such as:

  • web content writer or ghostwriter
  • article writer or ghostwriter
  • blog writer

Other places to find freelance ghostwriters are online service marketplaces like elance or odesk.

Found a Couple of Ghostwriters? Check Out Their Websites

Perhaps the best way to see how well the ghostwriter writes is to check out the content on his own site. A ghostwriter’s website should contain:

  • their profile or bio
  • sample content
  • client feedback
  • services offered
  • cost of services

When reading the profile or bio, look for any areas of expertise the writer may have. Does the writer have any personal experience in your niche? Having specific niche experience is not necessary for a good, versatile ghostwriter, but sometimes a personal touch to your content is nice.

Actual content the ghostwriter wrote for others is confidential, so don’t look for any of that. However, the samples available should be diverse in subject. Look for at least 3 different topics or niches.

Also check for samples of different styles of content, such as blog posts, articles, e-mails, snippets of mini-reports, or e-books. Complete samples may not be offered to deter those who may plagiarize the ghostwriter’s work.

Check the client feedback. Read about the experience others had with this ghostwriter.

Look for what services are offered. Make sure the ghostwriter can provide what you need.

When evaluating the cost of the service, be sure it is within your budget. Don’t waste your time or the time of the ghostwriter if you can’t afford the service.

Look for Experience in Writing Web Content

To be fair to the ghostwriters just starting their business, look for experience in general writing. Google the ghostwriter’s name and look for published content. Check for published articles at EzineArticles, Associated Content, and similar sites.