We have already read a brief information about how important laser technology has evolved to be. Today, I will be giving you insights on what laser cutting Coptics laser cutter means. Not only that, we would also be talking about the pros and cons involved in the cutting of metals using the laser technology. As we all know, cutting of metals is a significant part of metal Coptics laser cutting machine fabrication.

For any metal to have its desired shape and size, we need to mold it as well as shape it. This is where laser cutting comes into play. Accurate, fast, and precise – we can call laser cutting as a trending way of cutting metals today. With proper use of good quality laser parts like Precitec laser parts, we can make the laser cutting process effective and efficient. But as the proverb goes – there are two sides of a same coin. Similarly, every process has some pros and cons associated with it.

Let us first have a look at the brighter side of the picture. The advantages of laser cutting are as follows:

Advantages of Laser Cutting Process

As the name suggests, laser cutting is swift and accurate. In comparison to other traditional methods of cutting, laser cutting is automated and fast.
We can avoid physical damage in case of laser cutting since this activity is mechanical. Unlike the old methods wherein the risk of getting cut was intense.
We obtain intricate and sharp cuts with the help of laser cutting. They are accurate and can be molded into any shape and size as desired. It’s for the very reason that laser cutting is a preferred choice for many industries.
As the process of laser cutting is mechanical, we can avoid the chances of metal to metal contamination.
In traditional processes where heat becomes the weapon to cut metals, the edge of the metal usually deforms to some extent. Laser cutting gives you a fine edge metal cutting.
Laser cutting process requires less energy for cutting the metals than other traditional methods.

Now, let’s move on to the other side of the coin. Yes, the pitfalls of laser cutting.

Disadvantages of Laser Cutting Process

Even though laser cutting is sharp and precise, it consumes high amount of energy in comparison to any other methods.
The laser beam with which the laser cutting is carried out is fragile to handle. To err is human but can cause fatal damage to the metal in case the temperature is not maintained.
The laser beam can cause excruciating pain if it hurts any worker. It can cause burns that can take longer to heal.
Laser cutting is still not capable of cutting thick metals.
This process of cutting is not feasible for every metal.