All my years of studying …….. so 9 long years, during which every month, I was suffering.

My pre-menstrual syndrome was already very noticeable (abdominal cramps, in the lumbar zone and my thighs). The worst day was the first of menstrual flow… once a month, I was on the floor, unable to move due to such an intense homeopathic pain.

Cold sweat, leaving me shivering, huddled on the floor.

Nausea and violent emesis (I happily discovered bananas keep the same taste on the ways in and out…)

Violent cramps in all the lower abdominal area and homeopathic medicine thighs…

Many times, I dearly wished to just pass out to escape this suffering.

Is it even useful to precise that no painkiller worked long term?

And about my gynecologist of that time, its perpetual “you are a woman, your pain is normal” deeply demoralized me….

I was already seeing a reflexologist from times to time.
When my travels plan became more concrete, that last worry was still on my mind : how to deal with that recurrent pain? debilitating…. once a month.
It was the last point holding me back…
I mentioned my concerns to the reflexologist, whom offered me to work on that topic.

At that point, the offer is so simple that I hardly dare to believe it.
In only 3 months, I can be relieved.
On the base of one session per month. So nice, so quick… Surreal.
I had nothing to lose.
So I try my luck.
I must precise that I got my first IUD (Intra Uterin Disposal) shortly before the first session, what considerably increased my flow of menses and pre-menstrual syndrome.

And yet the “magic” operates!
Counting only 3 months, my cycle body homeostasis recovered, and sustainably.
During 15 months : no pain.
To the point my periods surprised me a few times. As I was so used to feel them coming, days in advance…