In This era of communication and rapidly moving business through web as well as internet it becomes very essential to save the time for advertising and promotion of your merchandise and business. So there is a simple solution for all the entrepreneurs to sponsor their new merchandise over the marketplace with the assistance of bulk sms service SMS Marketing providers.

Bulk SMS Vs SMS:

In this time of quick and accurate communication, folks want to send message in a distinct manner. Sending instantaneous messages is in vogue and quite a few SMS messengers are now getting hold of popularity. Bulk SMS messaging provided by bulk sms service provider in Mumbai is the only way that enables instant SMS text notification to a targeted grouping of people that can might up to thousands or lakhs, but when it has to forward in group in huge numbers we name it as Bulk Swedish SMS Service .

Benefits of Bulk SMS Technology provided by bulk sms service provider:

The main benefit of this technology is that it takes only quite a few minutes to send thousands of tiny messages (SMS) over to users. A variety of Bulk SMS software’s are also accessible on web or through bulk sms service provider in Mumbai that can be used openly from your private computer. There are lot of bulk sms service providers that are providing bulk SMS entryway and bulk SMS solutions to each and every one of the users. The business SMS service providers ease PC software and with these software’s it is likely to send across bulk SMS. Sending SMS with the employ of this software’s is certainly easy and the fixing guides help to recognize the entire procedure. Users who have Outlook or IBM Lotus note installed in to their personal computers, can modify and use the PC SMS software with effortlessness.


Technology offers the following product features:

  • Effective method of direct message across all cellular networks.
  • Send messages from your own computer at home.
  • Easy to use online desktop application
  • Automatic insertion of entity names and surname
  • Advanced number management
  • SMS scheduling – arrange SMS’s but send at a later date
  • Send SMS’s to certain numbers in groups
  • Request replies – shows replies in your Inbox
  • Full sent report beneath SMS history
  • History log and search
  • Integration with exiting systems by means of HTTP or web service interfaces