The location of Sydney, Australia makes it possible to combine appealing travel destinations in conjunction with your conference Escorts Australia travel. The organizers of your conference can co-operate with various travel agencies to allow conference participants an opportunity to take part in both pre- and post conference excursions to areas such as the Sydney Harbor, and perhaps even Bondi Beach or The Blue Mountains. Organizers are also reminded that those accompanying the conference attendees are always eager to join various tours while the conference is underway. Because Sydney is such a stunningly beautiful city, many such programs exist.

What to see

One of the most famous attractions in Sydney is the Escorts Melbourne renowned Sydney Harbor with its much-heralded Sydney Opera House that architecturally reminds one of a seashell. The interior of the Opera House is as noteworthy as the exterior. There are also world-renowned opera performances to attend, and even out of the ordinary backstage tours.

Some may be interested in viewing the Sydney Harbor Bridge close up and frequently both attendees and non-attendees will enjoy a dreamy dinner cruise upon the gentle harbor waters allowing you to soak in the exciting picturesque metropolitan skyline and natural exquisiteness of the city.

For those requiring a more strenuous visiting experience, conference attendees and non-attendees will undoubted relish an exhilarating Sydney Tower Skywalk. Visitors don protective clothing and are safety harnessed. Following this they are escorted upward to 880 feet. They view the beautiful city of Sydney though especially built overhanging platforms that have a glass floor. Following this visitors are encouraged to have lunch at the top of the tower and see this breathtaking city in this inimitable revolving restaurant.

Some attendees will love going to Bondi Beach for one day. Bondi Beach is of course totally breathtaking and it has a tremendous nightlife following a day of lazing on the beach, or surfing the waves.

Another outing that will certainly be interesting to all is a visit to Tarongo Zoo. Not only are there many native Australian animals kept there, but they have recently opened an attraction named Great Oceans Exhibit, showing a multitude of pelicans, penguins and seals living in quasi-natural habitats. Tarongo Zoo promises to be a stop you’ll thoroughly enjoy.

Post conference tours of the very historic Sydney area will have you quaking in delight during ghost tours. The Rocks area alone with its “Dead House” which is supposedly still haunted to this day will thrill you. This is a highly informative tour as well. Visitors are cautioned to wear walking shoes and comfortable clothing.