Smoking,one of the main causes of cancer is a practice of inhalation of tobacco or cannabis. Persistent smoking may lead to several health problems like coronary heart benchtop disease, lung cancer and mouth cancer. It may also effect negatively on the functioning of throat, kidney, bladder and pancreas. Tobacco, cedrol, cinnamic acid, anise, amyris oil and ammonia are some of the components added as ingredients in cigarettes. Tobacco present in cigarettes is a harmful substance playing a key role in the development of cancer. Studies say that, presence of carbon monoxide in tobacco reduces the cells ability to carry oxygen. Today, lots of stop smoking aids are used for the treatment of smoking. Let’s see the details of some of the best stop smoking countertop aids. 

Usage of nicotine nasal spray is a best stop smoking aid used in the treatment of smoking. It is one of the best cures suggested for heavy smokers. This form of nicotine replacement therapy acts faster to stop smoking. Nicotine nasal spray is administered to nostrils with the help of a spray pump. This inhaled nicotine is rapidly absorbed into the blood stream through the lining of the nose. It is recommended not to use nasal spray for longer than six months. Success rate of stop smoking is doubled if nicotine nasal spray treatment is done with the presence of professionals and counselors. Usage of nasal spray has also reported a number of side effects like headaches, palpitation, stomach pain and irritation of nose and throat. Tiredness, fainting and vomiting are other side effects produced as a result of over dosage of nicotine nasal spray. So it is recommended to seek the advice of a physician for getting the correct dosage level of nasal spray treatment. 

Nicotine gum, a form of chewing gum is a best known stop smoking aid used in nicotine replacement therapy. Here nicotine is absorbed into the bloodstream through the tissues of the mouth. Today, nicotine gum is commonly available in market in vivid flavors. Heavy smokers are recommended to chew the gum until it produces a tingling sensation or a peppery taste. It is advised not to drink any liquid when nicotine gum is in your mouth. You can chew a piece of gum for about twenty to thirty minutes time period for acquiring good results. Number of chewing gums used for the treatment of smoking depends upon the number of cigarettes used per day by the particular smoker. Over use of nicotine gum as a stop smoking aid may induce side effects like coronary heart disease, hiccups, nausea, stroke and peptic ulcer disease.