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December 2, 2021

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Does keeping your phone on the charger past 100% damage it or the battery?

The exception to the rule That you should, on certain occasions, discharge your battery to 0% (complete discharge). What occasion Its battery percentage drops suddenly, for example, staying unusually long at 50% and then jumping to 35% in the blink of an eye. The battery turns off when the battery remains. If this happens, perform a full discharge followed by a full charge for recalibration. To calibrate your phone’s battery: •              Drain the phone’s battery until the phone shuts down on its own (no charging in between) •              Charge your phone to 100% while it is turned off. •              When it reaches 100%, unplug it from the charger and turn on your phone. Why did this happen? Battery readings are discarded because, unlike the actual electrochemical battery, the digital battery (the intelligent chip in the battery) shows us the task does not age. The following graph visualizes the inconsistency between the two created over time. How Often Should You Calibrate Your Battery? Whenever your battery begins to show an inaccurate reading; otherwise, avoid full discharge as it degrades battery capacity. When for a long time the phone is not used. Now putting it all together. Maintain the battery as close […] read more
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Is it dangerous to leave a charger plugged in for a few days while not charging a phone?

It is a problem that has affected humanity since the dawn of the mobile phone. We are so dependent on our phones that we rarely go a day without power. Many of us have a habit of plugging them in at night and go to bed, knowing that we will wake up to a fully charged device.   Is it, however, safe to leave our phones plugged into the charger after they have been fully charged? Are you harming or shortening the battery’s life? How can we ensure that the batteries in our smartphones last as long as possible? On this subject, there are numerous dubious myths and ideas. The Internet is rife with opinions masquerading as facts. So what exactly is the truth? We consulted with some experts and obtained some answers for you.   How does a smartphone battery work? Lithium-ion batteries power smartphones. The electrodes in a battery cell are graphite and lithium cobalt oxide, with a liquid electrolyte in between allows lithium ions to move between the electrodes. When the charges change from positive (lithium cobalt oxide) to negative (graphite), the discharge reverse.   Batteries are typically classified in cycles; for example, the iPhone battery is […] read more
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If my charger is connected all the time, does it get damaged?

You are not alone if you are unsure whether there is a “correct” way to charge your phone or whether charging it for too long, too frequently or too quickly can damage the battery. It’s never been clear to me whether being careful about how frequently I charge my phone extends battery life enough to make a difference, or if it’s just another annoyance in a world filled with far too many of them.   Most of us end up doing this. For example, we plug in our cell phones to charge before going to bed, we leave it plugged in overnight, and the device continues to charge for hours at a time. This is called overcharging, and ideally, you should disconnect the charger as soon as the phone’s battery reaches 100% charge level. Because after a point the older generation phones used to get their charging port damaged and then required an iPhone charging port repair. However, soaking is not as big an issue on modern smartphones as it used to be on older devices.   Most modern smartphones use technologies that monitor when you sleep and wake up to avoid overcharging. So when you connect the phone to […] read more
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