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October 15, 2021

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Dr. Sachin Mahajan

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When is Spine Surgery Subsequent Right Step – Dr. Sachin Mahajan

For anyone who has suffered from back pain and particularly for those whose pain is taken into account chronic (pain that has persisted for 3 months or longer), there are numerous possible treatment “options” abound—some even boasting the promise to “cure” or offer lasting relief. From gadgets peddled on the web, activities or exercises suggested by well-meaning friends and loved ones, and yes, even those treatments recommended by health care providers, there’s no shortage of the thanks to approaching back pain management. As a spine surgeon, I’m often the last word few steps on a patient’s journey to hunt outlasting back pain relief. counting on where the road has taken them, I sometimes encounter a weary and wary traveler who remains in significant pain. He or she knows that just “living with the pain” isn’t any longer an option—perhaps because of disability, disfigurement, or lifestyle accommodations so severe that life with pain does not seem liveable. For one reason or another, the general public has been conditioned to work out consideration of spine surgery as an “easy way out” of back pain. I’m here to inform you that nothing is typically beyond reality. Spine surgery is neither easy nor without risk […] read more
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How to prevent back pain when performing from home? – Dr. Sachin Mahajan

The ongoing COVID pandemic has made many folks work from home. it’s unfortunate that some people that are performing from home suffer from lower back pain. Possibly it’d be a result of your headquarters set-up. Long working hours without a cushy chair, poor posture, and other uncomfortable things can all end in back pain. There are many benefits to performing from home, but there are some drawbacks also including neck pain and back pain. Normally home environment is meant for relaxation and entertainment. Normally only a few people design homes for serious paperwork. So as people are forced to figure from home, they use but ideal seating and dealing arrangements. Using laptops while lying on the bed might not be the perfect situation and may cause undue strain on the spine. during this article, Dr. Sachin Mahajan, a senior Spine Specialist in Pune, compiled some tips & strategies to stop back pain while you’re employed from home. Changing your lifestyle is that the key to maintaining a healthy back. If you would like to take care of a healthy back by the end of the day, you ought to hand over on your sedentary lifestyle. You can prevent WFH back pain effortlessly […] read more
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