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November 28, 2021

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Big Data for Beginners

Big Data, a term that exists in every corner of the world. The buzz around Big Data has significantly soared in the past few years. Well, here is A clear example to explain what Big Data means. The YouTube videos that users watch in a minute is around 4.15 million. The average number of tweets in that time is around 4,50,000. The pictures posted on Instagram are around 46,000 and five lakh comments are posted on them. With more than three lakh for status updates on Facebook, the world witnesses Big Data rise. Every activity on the internet produces data. Imagine the amount of data created every second! Many domains are leading their businesses due to the formation of Big Data.   To understand Big Data, it is important to step back a little and analyse how Big Data evolution began. Beginning of Big Data Big Data has gained momentum in the past few years but it has existed for decades. You might remember using floppy disks and compact discs to store data. Well, it was just a few years back. However, the use of such devices for storage has become obsolete. The primary reason is the magnificent growth of […] read more
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