Having a newborn is one of life’s greatest joys; capturing those special memories with photos is essential. But preparing for the artinphotography perfect photoshoot experience can be overwhelming! From finding the right photographer to choosing props and clothing, there are so many decisions to make.

Luckily, this guide will walk you through each step in creating an amazing newborn photoshoot that forever captures your little bundle of joy. We’ll provide tips on how to pick out outfits and props that will bring out your baby’s personality, discuss ways to ensure a safe and comfortable session for both you and your child and give advice on finding the best photographers who will take beautiful shots that capture all those precious moments. So, let’s get started!

Find a photographer.

Find a photographer specializing in newborn photography who can deliver the style of photos you want. It’s best to book your session well in advance, so you have enough time to get everything ready. Be sure to ask for references or look at portfolios of their previous work so you can be sure the photographer will deliver beautiful shots that you’ll share with family and friends.


Choose a location that is cozy and comfortable for your baby. Make sure the lighting is adequate and that the temperature is comfortable. If you’re shooting indoors, ensure there are enough windows to allow natural light or use a room with white walls and curtains to soften the light and avoid harsh shadows on your baby’s face.

If you’d like an outdoor photoshoot, try to time it during the golden hour near sunset, when the is beautiful and soft. Make sure you scout the location before taking your baby there so you know where exactly you’ll be shooting and can plan accordingly.

Indoor arrangement

Prepare the room for the photoshoot by arranging furniture, adding decorations, and ensuring good lighting. To create a photo background, hang up toys, blankets, and other props on the walls. If you have any special furniture for your family or baby, include it in the setup. With newborns, ensure plenty of floor space for them to stretch out comfortably and safely. Consider adding an area rug or quilt for a pop of color. Be sure to clear away any items that could be distracting or unsafe. Finally, try to keep the room temperature comfortable — too much heat can make babies irritable and uncomfortable during the photoshoot.

Time and date

Discuss the best time and date for the most natural photos with your photographer. Consider natural lighting and your baby’s napping and feeding schedule when planning the photoshoot. You can also plan for outdoor photos if you can access a great location with beautiful scenery.

When selecting a time and date for the shoot, consider how much time you will need to prepare yourself and your baby for the photo shoot. This includes having enough time to feed, change diapers, and soothe your little one before the session begins. It also allows you to make sure that everyone is feeling relaxed so that they can enjoy the experience and get great photos.


Prepare an outfit for you and your baby, considering colors and textures to complement each other. If you plan a gender reveal party, consider the room’s theme and pick an outfit to match. Choose materials that will be comfortable for your baby, like cotton onesies or soft fabrics. Bring diaper covers and accessories with you to the photo session.

Props and accessories

Purchase props such as blankets, hats, and toys to help create adorable visuals for the newborn photo shoot. Props can also help keep your baby safe and comfortable throughout the process. Some great prop ideas include:

  • Blankets in different colors and textures will add variety to photos.
  • Colorful blankets to give a fun, vibrant look.
  • Soft fabrics such as fleece or velvet provide extra comfort for the baby.
  • Hats and headbands that will add a touch of style.
  • Cute toys to keep them engaged and entertained during the shoot.
  • Pillows for extra support and comfort for your little one

Choose items carefully, making sure they are safe for newborns. Also, be mindful of colors that may clash with other props. Experiment with different props to find the perfect combination for your photos.

Family photos

Newborn photography can be an excellent opportunity to take family photos as well. This is a great way to commemorate this special time and have memories you can look back on with fondness throughout your life together. When planning out family photo ideas, consider:

  • The number of family members who will be in the photo.
  • What outfits should each person wear.
  • Creative poses that will take a memorable photograph.
  • Props like stuffed animals, balloons, and other items can bring fun to the family photo session.

Planning out your family photos carefully and getting everyone involved will surely capture the perfect moment in time.

Calming the baby

Practice calming techniques with your baby ahead of time, so they are stress-free during the photoshoot. Try skin-to-skin contact, rocking, or singing to help soothe them. If your newborn is formula fed, bring extra bottles and milk if needed during the session. If there is no calm baby, there is no photoshoot. So, there are some other techniques that you can try:

  • Take the baby to a quiet, warm, and dark area. Dim lights can also help them relax.
  • Use white noise machines or create your own background noise, such as running water or ocean sounds.
  • Wrap the baby in a blanket that smells like home, making them feel secure and safe.
  • Try swaddling and rocking the baby to help them relax.
  • Play soft music, as this can have a calming effect on your newborn.
  • Take breaks when needed. If your baby gets fussy or overwhelmed, break for a few minutes before continuing with the photo shoot.

Prepare some snacks.

Have a snack handy during the shoot so everyone is energized and happy for the camera. An energizing snack like dried fruit, nuts, or dark chocolate will do the trick. Ensure you have snacks that are easy to store and carry during your shoot. This way, you’ll be able to keep everyone in a good mood throughout the entire session.

Ask for help from your family.

Talk with your family about ideas for themes that would suit your baby’s personality and your family’s style. Ask them to help you set up the scene, offer ideas for props like blankets or stuffed animals, or even just be extra hands during the shoot if you’re doing it yourself. Having a few extra people around can make the experience more enjoyable and help capture beautiful moments.

Final words of advice

For a perfect newborn photo shoot, there are many things to consider. Preparation is key, including finding the right photographer and setting up the ideal environment. From choosing outfits to deciding on props and poses, it takes time and effort to plan ahead for a successful session. Additionally, selecting appropriate lighting setups can ensure your photographs look their best. With all these elements combined, you can look forward to a beautiful newborn photography experience that produces treasured memories for years.

We at Artin Photography are here to help make the process go as smoothly as possible – contact us today; we’d be delighted to answer any questions you may have! We look forward to capturing your newborn’s special moments and helping you create beautiful, lasting memories.