When you want a patio to increase your usable space or add value to your property, then travertine pavers are the best choice. Travertine is a form of limestone that people use in a variety of ways throughout Australia. We might not be using it to build houses today, but it is a useful product around pools, for garden walkways, and various other landscaping requirements.

Here is a list of the benefits of installing Travertine Pavers in Melbourne

1. Nonslip Surface

Travertine has the advantage of a non-slip surface with a rustic finish. Its nonslip surface makes it a great choice for pool decks and outdoor spaces where people walk when it’s wet.

If you want to build a patio or deck around a pool, then travertine is an excellent choice to use. The porous structure of this natural material allows additional water drainage when the pavers become wet. You can walk on the surface with wet feet and the risk of slipping is close to zero.

2. Stylish Look

The natural colors of travertine pavers complement a wide variety of styles. If you have decided to modify your landscaping or patio area, you must consider travertine pavers as they will look great!

Travertine pavers convey a message of luxury and elegance when used to create a patio or porch.

3. Travertine resists UV rays

Along with the aesthetic consistency of travertine pavers, it also provides the advantage of UV rays resistance. This product resists the impact of sunlight on its surface, so the risk of changing the color over time gets reduced.

Like other natural stones benchtops, travertine pavers will not fade — even if they’re fully exposed to the sunrays. Whether you have installed tiles under a roof, or around your pool in full sun, they’ll look the same for years.

4. Affordable Price

Travertine pavers can replicate the look of marble or granite, especially if you place them around a pool. It will cost about $6 per paver if you will buy the standard size. If you can use something thinner and smaller, then the price can be decreased up to 50%.

5. Replacement is easy in case of a break

By using a combination of setting sand and drainage gravel, you can just pop out a broken piece to replace it. This process can save a lot of time as you don’t have to pull up an entire pattern.

You don’t have to replace the entire paver block if any block breaks instead you can patch it easily and repair it at a very low cost.

6. Simple Installation

Travertine pavers are easy to install quickly. Its block and locking shape help to place one down after the other which makes this product useful for the creation of pathways. It helps to place blockers down before setting the base for the blocks. Once all the preparation work gets finished, you can easily install these blocks and ensure their long-term viability.

The average installation that involves travertine pavers will last more than 20 years with regular maintenance.

7. Travertine is naturally resistant to issues like dirt and grime

When you install travertine pavers, then you won’t find difficulties with your porch or patio that you would face with concrete and similar porous options with regards to mildew, and grime. This natural product is resistant to the growth of these items so you don’t have to continuously maintain the integrity of your installation.

Travertine pavers in Melbourne provide a cost-effective way to add elegance to your property. Although you’ll pay a little more for this option per block than you would with concrete, it is still far cheaper. That’s why it is the first choice for homeowners who want an upgraded pool area.