It’s easy to find alphabetic letters that can be printed online. You can choose imaginative or fancy alphabet styles to create a variety of activities focusing on the alphabet. Below are 10 ideas for classroom applications for alphabets that can be printed.

1.) COLORING Coloring the alphabet sheets is a wonderful activity for students in the lower grades. Each student can be assigned an individual style. Once they are done coloring and cutting out letters, they can swap one with another to create a mixed alphabet.

2.) SORTING printable alphabet letters sheets that come in a variety of designs. Cut the letters into pieces – this is done in a simple manner – squares work. Students can complete it for themselves. Give each student the option of choosing a random number of 3 or four letters. The students’ task is to colour the letters and adhere them to a class display (you will require an individual poster for every letter) and in a class alphabet books, or an alphabet page within their book.

3) Missing letters Before you print the set for class, you need to white out the letters in 4 or 5. Students must then add all the letters that are missing and then color the alphabet.

4.) GROUP POSTER – Print an alphabet and cut it out to the size of A3. Create smaller groups of pupils to collaborate on a single sheet. It’s fun to create a fun competition that has a small prize for the winner.

5.) ALPHABET TREE Students draw a tree with A3-sized art papers. A two-line trunk and cloud-shaped top is easy to make and can be used. Students glue letters of different colors to the tree in order to create one of the letters in an alphabet.

6) It’s raining LETTERS Students draw a cloud on top on an A3 page. They may also draw a few acquaintances underneath the cloud. Then they color and cut alphabet letters. They are then glued to the image in order to create rain of alphabets.

7.) POSTER Work Upper grade students are fascinated by the possibility of experimenting with letter shapes. Tape a variety of different alphabets on a workstation. While students work on a poster or a project, they can make copies of the alphabet or get the inspiration they need from the examples.

8.) TRACING Laminate A4 or alphabet sets to allow learners can draw the letter. These are a useful classroom tool which can be used to create posters, project cards, as well as activities for the end of the semester.

9) DECORATION Students should be encouraged coloring the letter then decorate the pages of their books, classroom storage boxes , and art supplies Tins.

10) Word CHALLENGE Every student receives an alphabet sheet and instructed to color in their own letters. The students form small groups to make words using the letters of the group. It’s stunning when the words they create are then glued on colored A3-sized paper. Students are able to come up with the longest word and also the longest word.